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Woodhull Family

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The Ballots are in!

The Nominees for BEST WOODHULL HAIR were......
Robert Woodhull - 15 votes
Bonnie Woodhull - 4 votes
Kim Pearson - 4 votes
and with 1 vote each - Jenny Woodhull,Merle Jean, James Schmidt, Wendy Woodhull, Linda Woodhull, Donna Woodhull, Dezaray Woodhull, Lisa Woodhull

The Nominees for WORSE WOODHULL HAIR were......
Robert Woodhull - 22 votes
and with 1 vote each ... Rick Severin,Roger Leslie,Brian Ballweber,Dustin Pearson,Kenny Woodhull,Tim Larson,Betty Woodhull(Purple Hair)

The Nominees for LOUDEST WOODHULL  were......
Connie Hardee 5 votes, Wendy Williams 4 votes, Julie LeBlanc 3 votes,
and 2 votes each for Lenny Pearson,David Chillman, Betty Woodhull, Duggy Woodhull, Charles Woodhull
and 1 vote each for  Tommy Jansson, Tanya, Val Woodhull, Billie Woodhull

The Nominees for QUIETEST WOODHULL were......
Mervin Woodhull 5 votes,
and 2 votes each for Roger Leslie, David Woodhull, Bridgett Woodhull, george Woodhull, Mike Androwski, Tracy Woodhull, Wesley Woodhull
and 1 vote each Michael Woodhull, Lloyd Woodhull, Jeanna Woodhull, Shawn, Travis Woodhull, Jeannette Woodhull, Angie Pearson, Vicky Whittman, Ann Chillman, Angie Demoure, Ricky Woodhull.

The Nominees for BOSSIEST WOODHULL were......
Betty Woodhull 7 votes, Wendy Jorges 4 votes, Patty Woodhull 3 votes, Donna Woodhull 3 votes.
2 votes each for Danny Woodhull, Yvonne Woodhull,
1 vote each for Wendy Williams, Lenny Pearson, Lil' Doug, Bubs Woodhull, Val Woodhull

The Nominees for SEXIEST WOODHULL were......
Jason Sikorski 5 votes, Bonnie Woodhull 4 votes, Deith Pearson 3 votes.
2 votes each for Seth Woodhull and Ann
1 vote each for Dave Moore, Devere Lambert,Dean Moore, Amanda Moore, Johnny's wife, Betty Woodhull, Kim Pearson, Nathan Sikorski, Flesha Hardee

.The nominees for .BEST HAT
*Whoever is fishing!
Pearl Woodhull-3 votes
Darlene Lambert-3votes
2 Votes each; Julie LeBlanc,Jeffery Williams Sr.,Samantha Woodhull
l Vote each: Johnnie Woodhull,Lenny,Jerry Woodhull,Kenny Woodhull,Faye,James Schmidt,Dustin Pearson,Devin Ashley Pearson
The nominees for .FUNNIEST WOODHULL
*They're all alittle funny!
Little Doug-8 votes
Charles Woodhull-6 votes
Danny Woodhull 2 votes
l Vote each: Clay Hardee,Clinton Hardee,Braedon Travtt?,Kim Pearson,Ed Moore,Johnny Pearson,Corey Woodhull,Wendy Williams,Travis Woodhull
The Nominees for .BEST LAUGH
Danny Woodhull-6 votes
Curt Pearson-3 votes
Steph Pearson-3 votes
Douggy Woodhull-3 votes
2 Votes each: Julie Jansson,Debby Woodhull
l Vote each: Cindy Sikorski,Charles Woodhull,Kim Pearson,Diane Manders,Sonny Woodhull,Mellissa Johnson
Louis Woodhull-4 votes
Wendy Williams-3 votes
2 Votes each:Linda Woodhull,Jackie Sheridan,Jerry Manders
Michelle Meterard,Susan Woodhull
l Vote each: Curt Pearson,Sandy Williams,,Ricky Lee,Bubs
Alice Ray,Kim Pearson,Merle Jean,Mervin,Angie Pearson
Will Pooler,Anne Chillman
Nominees for the BEST BULLSHITTER
*Is there a Woodhull that's not a bullshitter?
Dave Moore-5 votes
Billie Woodhull-4 votes
Charles Woodhull-3 votes
David Pooler-3 votes
2 Votes each: Curt Pearson,Tommy Jansson,Jeffery Williams Jr.
James Severin
l Vote each: Lenny Pearson,Seth Williams,Fran Van Ert
Doug Woodhull Sr.(when he was still with us)
Cindy Sikorski-3 votes
Shawn-3 votes
2 Votes each: David Pooler,Lous Woodhull
l Vote each: Robert Woodhull,Lenny Pearson,Jill Williams
Gordy Davis, Yvonne Woodhull, Wendy Woodhull
*All the Grandparents!
Mervin Woodhull-6 votes
Bubs Woodhull-4 votes
Mindy Woodhull-3 votes
2 Votes each: Wesley Woodhull, Yvonne Woodhull, Devere Lambert
Patty WoodhullJerry Woodhull
l Vote each: Kim Pearson, Robert Woodhull Michael Woodhull
*All the Woodhull kids
*Impossible to choose only one
Darlene Lambert-4 votes
Billie Woodhull-3 votes
l Vote each: Patty Woodhull, Kenny Woodhull, Little Doug
Darlene Menard, Lenny Pearson, Donny Woodhull
Douggy Woodhull
Nominees for .BEST DRESSED
*whoever died?
Jerry Manders-3 votes
Jeannette Woodhull-3 votes
2 Votes each: Little Doug, Bubs, Jill Webb
l Vote each: Ashley Woodhull, Wesley Woodhull, Kim Pearson
Cindy Levi, David Woodhull, Levi Johnson, Lucy Pooler
Donna Woodhull
*Becky Woodhull (Bless her soul)
Billie Woodhull-4 votes
Lloyd Woodhull-3 votes
Will Pooler-3 votes
Lenny Pearson-3 votes
2 Votes each:Tracy Severin,Jenny Woodhull,Troy Woodhull
Dezaray Woodhull
l Vote each: Kenny Woodhull, Jerry Woodhull,Connie Hardee
Wendy Jorges
*Are there any?
Troy Woodhull-4 votes
2 Votes each: Mervin Woodhull, Alice Rae, Lucy Pooler
Mindy Woodhull
l Vote each: Amanda Woodhull, Lisa Woodhull, Johnny Pearson
Jarred Nelson
*All Woodhulls
Charles Woodhull-3 votes
Billie Woodhull-3 votes
Clayton Woodhull-3 votes
2 Votes each:Tommy Jansson, Kenny Woodhull
l Vote each:Angie Moore,Louis Woodhull,Betty Woodhull
Stephanie Hardee,Val Woodhull,Jeff Williams Jr.
Lenny Pearson,Tanya Woodhull,Frank Pearson,Bill Woodhull
Nominees for .MOST HUNGOVER
*We won't know 'til tomarrow
Donny Woodhull-4 votes
Yvonne Woodhull-3 votes
Jeff Moore-3 votes
Billie Woodhull-3 votes
2 Votes each: Louis Woodhull, Stephanie Hardee
l Vote each: Sean Woodhull, Kenny Woodhull, Seth Williams
Will Pooler, Tommy Jansson, Mike (Ann's husband)
Nominees for .MOST CONFUSED
*All of them
Patty Moreland-5 votes
Clayton Woodhull-3 votes
Wendy Jorges-3 votes
Wendy Williams-3 votes
(They each had 2 votes and l ballot said Wendy-either of them)
2 Votes each: Jeannette Woodhull, Bubs Woodhull
l Vote each: Ed Moore, Shawn Woodhull, Mellissa  Johnson
Marissa Pooler
*None of them
Seth Woodhull-5 votes
2 Votes each: Sandra Woodhull, Angie Peterson, Joanne Woodhull
l Vote each: Debbie Woodhull, Susan Woodhull, Patty Woodhull
Ryan Schmidt, Donna Woodhull, Dottie Woodhull, Jeff Williams
Jan Williams, Brian Ballweber
*Depends on which day it is...
Sean Woodhull-6 votes
Donny Woodhull-4 votes
Billie Woodhull-3 votes
2 Votes each: Jerry Woodhull, Lloyd Woodhull,Roger Leslie
l Vote each: James, Lenny Pearson, Sam Woodhull
Dustin Keot
*We'll know in the morning
Mindy Woodhull-6 votes
Dezaray-2 votes
Roger-2 votes
l Vote each: Betty Woodhull, Little Doug, Katie Woodhull
Christopher Schmidt
Curt Pearson-6 votes
2 Votes each: Bobby Moore,Janice Woodhull,James Severin
Wesley Woodhull
l Vote each: Sam Moore, Jane Williams, Ryan Schmidt
Christopher Schmidt,Seth Walter,Seth Woodhull,fletch Hardee
Dottie Woodhull-9 votes
Bill Woodhull-4 votes
Steve Williams-6 votes
2 Votes each:, Donnie Woodhull,Karen Lambert,Donna Pearson
l Vote each: Jill Woodhull, Val Woodhull,Linda Woodhull
Lloyd Woodhull, Michael Woodhull,Jim Severin, Dean Moore
Bonnie Woodhull
*All the little kids
*All of us
Donna Pearson-3 votes
Bubs Woodhull-3 votes
Francis Woodhull-2 votes
Irene and Pearl-2 votes
Nathane Sikorski-2 votes
l Vote each: Wendy Jorges,Jeanette Woodhull,Danny Woodhull
Betty Woodhull,Shannon Manders,Susan Woodhull
Wendy Williams,Jeff Williams,Kim Pearson,Jerry Woodhull
Jeol,Seth,Bonnie Woodhull Val Woodhull,Dezaray WoodhullT
The WINNERS are....
Best Hair=Robert Woodhull
Worst Hair=Robert Woodhull
Loudest=Connie Hardee
Quietest=Mervin Woodhull
Bossiest=Betty Woodhull
Best Hat=Tie between Pearl W. and Darlene L.
Sexiest=Jason Sikorski
Funniest=Little Doug
Best laugh=Danny Woodhull
Happiest=Louis Woodhull
Best Bullshitter=Dave Moore
Clumsiest=Tie between Shawn and Cindy Sikorski
Wisest=Mervin Woodhull
Most Obnoxious=Darlene Lambert
Best Dressed=Tie between Jeanette W. and Jerry Manders
Wildest=Billie Woodhull
Tamest=Troy Woodhull
Craziest=Tie between Charles W. and Billie W. and Clayton W.
Most Hungover=Donny Woodhull
Most Confused=Patty Moreland
Soberest=Seth Woodhull
Drunkest=Sean Woodhull
Crabbiest=Mindy Woodhull
Biggest Geek=Curt Pearson
Most Talented=Dottie Woodhull
Favorite=Tie between Donna P. and Bubs

We welcome Strays